Self-love with no strings attached

Change the default from delete to must keep.

Giving up on guilt

I can go on and on and I think most of us can, too. This ish runs deeeeep. That's totally ok. Understanding that we have the ability to dig deep and uncover and discover more should give us all a little hope. I hope you can find the courage to start scratching the surface and the understanding that what you discover isn't the end.

#FandemicHouston is coming! Are you ready??

I'm no gamer or movie fanatic but my family sure is so when we heard about Fandemic Houston, the excitement began. Much to my delight, it turns out they really thought about the ENTIRE family. They also went old school and tugged on my middle-school heartstrings. Of allll the celebs that will be there, there … Continue reading #FandemicHouston is coming! Are you ready??

Top 10 Reasons To Travel with a Baby

We've been home from our Italy vacation for 5 days and the jet lag hasn't exactly worn off so as I watch the sunrise, I'll share my top ten reasons why we should travel with babies. FULL DISCLOSURE: It's now been two weeks because I passed out as I started the list and just go … Continue reading Top 10 Reasons To Travel with a Baby

What Makes You Think You’re So Special!?

No one has ever come out and asked me this question but it is the question I ask myself constantly. Of all of my struggles, doubt is my greatest. Of all of my dreams and goals, this is the thought that keeps me away from reaching them the most. I love people. I am fascinated … Continue reading What Makes You Think You’re So Special!?

The Real Hidden Messages in Advertising – Part 3 of 3

The goal jobs, relationships, adventures, and everything else we want to achieve do NOT exist on the other side of a smaller, smoother, and sculpted waistline. You and I have dreams and goals for a reason. That reason is for each of us to discover in our own way but if we spend our time, … Continue reading The Real Hidden Messages in Advertising – Part 3 of 3