Special Edition – How Thank Your Mother in 1 Easy Step

Live and love your life fully.

July 6th is my mom’s birthday. In 32 years I’ve never been so far away. On the days leading up to her birthday I have been racking my brain thinking about a gift I can send. So far the only thing I can think of is a jungle survival guide and basic medical procedures manual. Yep, those are the sort of gifts I’d send my mom because that’s the kind of mom she is. Adventurous and clutsy is a very charming but dangerous combination which I have also been very fortunate to inherit.

I’ll call her but that’s not special (but I still will!), it’s something that up until my move I was doing every day because I want to talk to her everyday. Just knowing that I still have the chance to share what’s going on in our lives and seek out her advice is such a precious gift that I’ve never taken for granted. She’ll be an enthusiastic cheerleader yet remain objective in her guidance and advice. It’s too soon to tell but thankfully I feel that is the mother I have become.

I thought of a cute arts & crafts project that the kids and I could do together to send to her which I know she would adore, admire, and appreciate because she loves homemade things. They have a special touch that no store bought item can replace. I also know she’s no hoarder so while she’ll adorn her desk with the card for some time, she has learned to not attach herself to any materialistic things because she holds on to the sentiment longer than anything can actually exist. I am on the quest to do the same.

Then I finally realized that the greatest gift I could have ever given to my mom is to be the exact person I am today. As parents we have no clue if what we’re doing is the right thing. We fear that somehow we missed an opportunity to instill something in our kids that would have guaranteed their success. We reflect on our time and somehow wish we could have created more of it. We look back on memories and focus on the areas that we could have totally approved upon but realize it’s too late and hope that we have done enough. It’s never going to feel like enough though. Once you become a parent, even your best isn’t good enough but in actuality it is more than enough.

Mama-mia you are enough. It is something I have always known and admired. Something you were always too humble to recognize or admit but if I have inherited all these things from you then I know you still sometimes wonder if you have done enough. Hopefully those moments are few and fleeting because you are one of the most incredible people I know. Not for all the amazing things you have accomplished, your job (which I still can’t explain what you do but sounds cool), you cooking (although it’s the most amazing food on the planet), or the things you have (although when you’re ready to retire that suede jacket can always stay behind) but because of who you are. Just incredible, you.

Happy Birthday Mama!
Happy Birthday Mama!

If our lives are your legacy, I have to say that you did a pretty awesome (humility is not a trait I picked up) job and your grandchildren are pretty remarkable as well. On your 60th birthday, I am honored to have shared so many adventures with you and look forward to many, many, many more.

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