How To Live With Your Tummy in 5 Easy Steps – Part 5

Embrace All of You

I went to the beach for our vacation last week and had 8.5 hours, each way to contemplate on this idea. I came up with a lot of things but it wasn’t until I was sitting with my toes in the sand that I began to understand something. For a long time I would say things like “Man, I love my calves but hate my thighs.” I felt that if I gave myself at least some credit that I was being positive. The truth is, I was doing the exact opposite. I was breaking myself apart. When we only give love to some part of us but not all we are weakening ourselves.

So, I thought about why I loved the beach so much.  Was it the wind, the sand, the waves, the sun, the smell? If so, then there must be times when I must hate the beach because sometimes the wind leaves my hair a tangled mess. The water is too cold or full of crazy creatures to go in and enjoy. The sun has burned my skin. The waves have destroyed my castles. Yet, that isn’t ever a reason for me to say that I hate the beach. Here I am with a perfectly capable mind and body but I only have allowed myself to focus on one thing and that one thing held me back from doing and enjoying so many things. For me it’s been my tummy but you it might be something different.

So, here are the top 3 things I learned once I embraced all of me:

  • I can do soooooo much more!! Realizing that I was no longer constricted by this invisible “perfect” mold has allowed me to break free and do things my way. If it doesn’t work then it wasn’t meant to but that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me.  This project has been a testament to that. I put the one thing that I felt held me back thr most front and center. I’m still standing.
  • I can help others. I have had the most incredible response. It’s actually shocking. In the world of the Internet, I didn’t think my project would even be noticed. By just being 100% me, I have found people who are thankful My project even exist. We’re all in this secret “Self hating yet we’re all going through it” club that no one admits exists or wants to be a part of.  I want to change that and make it the “I am so fabulous and unique” club. I don’t know how that’s going to happen but I’m going for it!
  • When I succeed then all of me does, not just certain parts. When I finish my races, it’s not just my arms, legs, and head that make it to the end. All of me does. When I train, all of me puts in the effort. When my kids tell me they love me, they don’t say “except for your belly.” No one who loves you will because that is CRAZY. If no one else does, thenI don’t need to play favorites with my body parts either. They have all been an instrumental part of getting me to where I am now.

My thoughts are not clouded by fear or anxiety. I am focused and putting my all into everything I do. You are ONE whole body that has ONE life to live. Make it amazing.  xoxo

I was on vacation last week and the coolest thing happened in the middle of the night which allows me to shed a little more information on my latest endeavor. About 2 weeks ago I sent a message to @healthyisthenewskinny since I am all about the message of self love they are spreading. I challenged you all in my “How To Love Your Tummy” series to do something bold to force yourself to love yourself even more. So, to stay true to my own words I asked if they would ever consider using me as a model. Yes, me and my amazingly decorated body. This was their very public response via Instagram:

Sometimes I think I’m insane. Other times I think I am doing exactly what I was meant to do. Nothing meant more to me than when I told my mom and she gasped. She said this whole thing is perfect for me. I feel the same.

Well, that’s the end of another series and I already have the next series stirring in my head. For daily insight check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

3 thoughts on “How To Live With Your Tummy in 5 Easy Steps – Part 5

  1. I just found you on Instagram and I have found myself feeling overwhelming emotions. I have extra skin and stretch marks that go all the way to my rib cage. I relate to your Project so much and I get teary eyed at your posts because for once I finally feel I am not alone!!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!


  2. Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing. I have struggled with body issues since I was 18, when I had my first child. I am now 35 and its damn time for me to start loving myself! I was left with extra skin, wrinkly tummy and stretch marks that go all the way to my rib cage. Finding your page on Instagram has been amazing!!


  3. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing with me and congratulations on as you journey to self love! I write from the heart and have been in that place of self hate. Knowing how lonely I was, I don’t want anyone else to feel like they’re the only ones feeling those feelings. We’re all in this together! I also started a YouTube Channel for folks where I’ll share short videos about the lessons I learned on this path towards self love:

    Let me know what you think!


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