My kids are back in school. That isn’t exactly the big announcement but it is something I wanted to share because that leads me to my big announcement:


This is definitely an area of non-expertise but without having to take care of my babies, I have more time to dedicate to this project. Yay!

Why YouTube?

This whole experience has been absolutely incredible. I try to do things my way because my way is unique. Not that I’m saying anything earth shattering but because I’m just being me and THAT is what I think everyone wants to see. I am a super nerd and I love data and behavior. So the one thing that I have noticed is that I get the most feedback when I post full body picks with a smile on my face and what I think of as a clever poem. Out of 32 posts in the last week, there were the most popular by far. I average about47 likes per picture and yet these constantly outperform the others.

Top 5 posts last week

I really believe we are just all looking to find others that help us reflect on ourselves. As scary as it seems to be that person I see the void and I’m ok with being the one to fill it. I have no idea what I am doing but I’m excited and I’m having fun and those are the two most important things for me. I hope you enjoy and find something that encourages you on your journey. It’s only an intro video but that’s HUGE because a step has been taken and that’s what matters.

Here it is: Click here for my World Premier YouTube Video

Leave a comment here or on the video and let me know what you think!

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