The latest trend that needs to go as quickly as it came: Thighbrows

So there’s a trend happening right now. It’s called a thighbrow. I had to google it because I couldn’t even begin to understand what it meant.

I read about it over here: UNILAD – Thighbrow Article

Love the articles over at Unilad but do you know who I love more? The folks who leave comments. Some made the usual and expected comments but one really made me laugh, cringe, and think. The user said:

its not really a new thing is it… some c*&#$ just given it a name

I almost missed this point entirely until it was so eloquently stated. ALL of these trends are just something that highlights what some of us just naturally have. So naturally, I don’t have a problem with that because it’s like me taking a picture of my brown hair and posting it with #brownhairdontcare. It’s my natural hair.

The issue with the #thighgap and #thighbrow trends is that it’s used to create a belief that this is something we must now attempt to achieve if we hope to be seen as beautiful or desirable. My daughter once told me she wished she had blonde hair. She was only 5 and my heart sank that she was already noticing that she looked different and instead of embracing it, was wanting to change. I asked her why and she said “because it’s yellow like the sun and it reminds everyone of the summer.” I couldn’t blame her for that but my response surprised even me. I said “Well, your hair is brown and that reminds people of chocolate and people loooooove chocolate.” Her face lit up and she’s never been prouder of her own hair. The time will come when trends will pressure her into wanting to change her appearance and that’s reality but I want her to first be happy with who she is. I want her to know that trends do not dictate whether we are beautiful because being beautiful does not dictate whether we are worth of love. I also want her to know the truth behind the pictures she’s seeing.

Think of how many of us walked around with bad perms, bad home dye jobs, tribal/lower back tattoos, fanny packs, and chin piercings that have all been removed and forgotten. Each trend ending as a reminder of our desire to fit in and realizing we’re fine just the way we are. Then, we move on until the next trend comes along.

Not everyone is so lucky. These body trends have longer lasting effects because they cause psychological damage. Anyone can get a tattoo and have it removed. Not everyone can live through the pressure and anxiety of trying achieve these body types and failing. It breaks my heart to think of all the time I spent not liking myself because I didn’t look a certain way when now I realize I was perfectly ok. It took me years to accept compliments or to look in the mirror and not focus on all my faults. I believed there was something wrong with me because I just couldn’t get myself to look like the women I was told were the ‘ideal’ when in reality it just wasn’t possible. Then I found out about eating disorders, Photoshop, and makeup tips which helped to shatter the idea of perfection because I finally knew even the perfect people we’re perfect. No one takes the responsibility to educate young people as to how these looks and trends are achieved and even if achievable that it doesn’t guarantee happiness anyway.

A picture has no way of capture what makes a person whole and happy. Just remember that when you look at anyone’s picture and wish you could be or look like them.

We are all human. Stay positive and healthy my friends.


  1. Thanks to an incredible amount of feedback and support I have started a little line of Body Positive Message Magnets. I used the most popular pictures from PowerToPrevail on Instagram and created these magnets. Check all 5 of them out here: Body Positive Message Magnets by PowerToPrevail

    Body Positive Message Magnet
    Body Positive Message Magnet #5

2. Another YouTube video has been added! I am up to 4 lessons and I’m psyched about how much each one is building on the other one!! Also, I’m excited to finally get the hang of completing a whole video all by myself. What a fun challenge! Check out the channel here: PowerToPrevail YouTube Channel or watch the latest video below.

If you have a P2P picture or quote that you’d like to see made into a magnet or a topic you’d like to hear more about on the YouTube Channel let me know! I love to hear from you amazing people!!

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