The Trouble With Self Love Is

The trouble with self-love is that we have been conditioned to believe that confidence equals being conceited. We regularly apologize for who we are and we don’t give ourselves 100% of the credit when we have earned it. Confidence is knowing you are giving it your all. It is knowing you are worthy to be in the presence of everyone around you and be comfortable being yourself. Confidence will tell you that your only goal is to be better than the person looking back at you in the mirror because no one else matters. Self-love gives us the confidence to keep going even though we have no idea what we’re doing.

The trouble with self-love is that we hardly ever have an opportunity to see it. What we see in the media, tv, and movies is all fake. It’s either scripted, photoshopped, or edited to give you and I the illusion that their brand of “perfection” is possible and anything less is well…a failure on our part.  It’s time to turn off all that stimulus off and start looking on the inside and towards each other. This is not a journey that is meant to be taken alone. Loneliness is isolating and only perpetuates the idea that you are somehow not measuring up.  Self-love is accepting the fact that we are all designed differently for our own perfect purpose and that by encouraging one another to embrace that will build us up as well.

The trouble with self-love is that it is going to be our responsibility to change what it means for each one of us. We cannot rely on anyone else to tell you because no one else can define who you are. This is a independent process but that doesn’t mean you must go through it alone. Everyone is finding their path and sometimes searching for direction. Sometimes that leads you to accept help and other times you are the one doing the helping even if you don’t believe you have anything to offer.  Your spiritual, mental, and physical health will improve only if you believe you are worth it. You are. I don’t need to know you to know that either. I don’t need to know how many times you have failed or messed up. I don’t need to know how low you’ve fallen. Self-love is seeing myself and others as individuals who are perfect in their own uniqueness.

The trouble with self-love is that the negativity never seems to end. It has taken a lot of love, patience, and compassion from the people who truly cared for me in my life to show me the way back to me. I had to learn to surround myself with the right people and painfully let go of the wrong.  I had to learn how to trust that someone would want to help me become a better me without wanting anything in return. Self-love is knowing what is best for you and demanding nothing less from the people around you and turning negative energy into something positive.

Have an amazing week everyone! xoxoxo

New Stuff on YouTube!

It has been really fun and interesting creating my Body Positivity 101 series and we’re already on Lesson 5 with the channel having 327 views!! So stoked that the message is spreading and hopefully more people are taking the leap and learning to love themselves. Check out Lesson #5 right here:


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