My Failure Plan

It was Disney Princess Marathon or bust! The very first time ever decided to run I managed about 3 minutes then wanted to throw up. That didn’t seem like a very good sign. According to my Disney Princess Marathon guide I was still supposed to go another 17 minutes. I walked for about 10 then decided to go home. I almost called the whole stupid idea off. If I was meant to run I’d be able to run according to the very detailed plan, right??

Bummed out.JPG
Someone was super bummed out.

Errrr. That was where I made my first mistake. Since that day 4 years ago I have learned better. I have learned that failure is all a part of the process. The very long, frustrating, and seemingly impossible process. Now, I have a plan. After seeking and setting goals I do the following:

  1. Generic plans are made for a general population. Modification is a MUST. I love business plans and apps like Couch to 5K because it gives people a real solid idea of how to achieve their goals. It’s funny how we even push ourselves in the privacy of our own heads and homes because of some invisible competition with the rest of the world. I would think about all the other people who are following the exact same plan and killing it while I struggle. That isn’t actually happening. Chill. Do you. Adjust as necessary. No plan is too rigid to change.
  2. Turn off the timer. I have had the greatest and most intense workouts take me 30 minutes. I have written my best work in one session. There are times when I set aside an hour to do some yoga and my concentration level is that of a 2 year old. I manage 15 minutes. Tops. It’s all good though because, unless you’re legitimately a professional athlete, this stuff should all be enjoyed. I write to express myself and sometimes I can’t find the right words. You’re doing something incredible for yourself. Be in that moment for as long as it may or may not last. I suggest turning your phone on airplane mode because those things derail my attention real quick. Also, not having a cat that pounces on your keyboard and deletes what you just wrote is also a plus.Obi-Wan On Computer
  3. Listen to yourself. One day I was scheduled to run for 4 miles but it felt so good I ran for another 2! Whoop whoop. Another day I was running with a friend and we pre-determined a 8 miler. My knee really started to hurt but I was too embarrassed to say anything. I managed to finish but was in incredible pain. Ever since that day I have had knee pain and am currently working very hard to strengthen my hips and legs to prevent it from happening again. I tell myself I must write even when I have no motivation. When I can’t think I feel like a failure. Nope. In both cases I am still strong and talented but put too much pressure to fulfill a non-existent expectation on myself and cause myself more pain than necessary.

Did I ever complete that Disney Princess Marathon? Nope. The entry fee was ridiculous and sold out in seconds. The 18 week plan turned into a 24 week plan. Instead of running a full marathon, I ran a half. With one other friend. On a Wednesday. Was I disappointed??? Uh no, I ran for 13.1 miles. That’s pretty awesome. Do I post an amazing blog post once a week?? No but what I do post I am very proud of and have been collaborating with other blogs so it’s totally worth it to see my work being acknowledged.

Being able to accomplish one goal gave me the courage to conquer even more than I could imagine. This year I will be doing more and pushing myself to pursue my dreams and passions. I am thankful for my journey and for all those who share the road with me.

Triathlon Finish
From barely being able to run for 3 minutes to Triahtlons


Organize my own local and virtual Topless 5K.

What!??! Yep. I know. It’s a crazy goal but I’m a crazy kinda gal.

When? March 20, 2016 which coincides with the first day of Spring!

Intrigued? Good! More info coming soooooon.

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