3 Lessons I Learned While Running Topless

imageBefore you call me brave and an inspiration I will remind you of my human-ness. I just spent the last 2 days  laying in bed completely overcome by a terrible head cold. I let my kids play video games, watch tv, and play outside all day. Normally I’m engaging with them and with a 5K coming up in a month I certainly thought I’d be training with them.

There. I am a human that occasionally does some pretty cool stuff.

Now, this whole topless 5K thing has been something I have been thinking about for a long time. I’ve written about it here and on other guest blog posts. I felt it really important that I do the very first one without anyone knowing about my intention. So basically, I lived in terror for a few days leading up to and during the race. Then, I was able to reflect and really decide what it is I got out of the whole experience and why I am inviting others to join me.

Lesson #1

That big scary thing that you think is going to happen that will humiliate and scar you for life? Doesn’t happen. In my mind I honestly pictured people pointing and making faces of disgust. Like a race official was going to run over and ask me to cover up? I have no idea but it was enough to keep me from doing it for a while. Let’s say that for some crazy reason one of those things DID happen, then what?? Nothing! I realize that when I do something with conviction, for myself, and by myself that the actions and opinions of others don’t really affect me much at all. I allowed the potential for embarrassment and the potential for someone to judge me to stop me from living to my fullest potential and that just can’t happen.

Lesson #2

I am so much more than my body. I am more than my skin. I am more than anything my physical body can represent because it doesn’t truly represent me at all. It is a shell. It is a part of who I am but not what I am. I ran for 5K without training, without hesitation, and without giving that aspect much thought. Why? Because I am constantly pushing my body to do new things. I train regularly even when I’m not signed up for anything. I put my health first when I choose my food, drinks, lifestyle, friends, and everything else that constantly prepares me for these defining moments. These moments often come so unexpectedly and unless we have been preparing mentally, spiritually, and physically we might let these sorts of opportunities pass us by. This takes work. A lot of work. Hard. Lonely. Work. The first time you try you will know exactly how much work because you will feel weak. That weakness isn’t a sign you’re not ready, it’s a starting point for you to know where you need to focus your time, energy, and effort to strengthen. That will constantly happen because once we master anything we now have an opportunity to grow in another aspect of our lives.

Lesson #3

I need to help others the best way I know how. I am not a running coach. I am not a personal trainer. I am not a certified life coach. I am me. I know what I am naturally talented at and that’s interacting with people. I love people. I have always loved people. Strangers are friends I haven’t made yet. I don’t like to see people suffer. I came out in this journey seeing that there are a lot of people hurting. Taking your shirt off isn’t going to fix that. It’s symbolic. It’s a starting point. I am sort of a loner so doing things on my own doesn’t really phase me that much but I know others might need more support. We all have gifts and talents to share with one another and the only way to keep them strong is to share them.

My first run will be Satuday, February 13, 2016. Weather permitting we’ll go topless but windburn is a pain I only care to experience once. Not ready to go topless, that’s ok! Join me anyway. All the details are here: Topless 5K Info and I created an event on my Facebook page here: FB Event Page

Not in Texas?? Don’t worry. I’m going to be asking for friends to donate their couch, frequent flier perks or points, and I want to make it around the country this year. If anyone wants to sponsor an international effort I have a passport and will travel! seriously. that would be awesome.

You can also follow along on my journey and others by using the #topless 5K hashtag and tagging me @powertoprevail so I can see!


Any questions, suggestions, or comment leave below. Share with a friend who might need a little encouragement today, too! xoxo

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