My Adventures in Modeling: Part 3

Warning: I am going to go into full blown geek out mode

So, I stepped out of my empowering Lyft ride (read about that here) and stepped into the open arms of Sam. I was so happy to see her in person since we had only e-met and she was just as cool and kind as I imagined.

I stepped into the studio and squeeled on the inside. It was soooooo cool! Music playing, lights, backdrops, clothes, and some food trays. I was super early so I had the chance to relax and get my outfits all picked out. I reflected briefly on all that happened just to get me into that room. I was in awe and well as inspired. If I can do this thing that seemed impossible a year ago, what else am I capable of?? I had finally arrived physically and emotionally thanks to so many people believing in me. I was determined not to let anyone down. I was ready to blow everyone away….but not really.

The best part of my being early was watching the other girls come in and being able to talk to them about how they got to be a part of the shoot. I loved the excited/nervous energy fluttering around the room. Everyone’s story was different but still we were all in the same room. As Sam was putting on my makeup she said “It’s so surreal right?” I felt slightly embarrassed because I was trying to keep it cool but she knew and allowed me to be my excited self and I can’t thank her enough for that.

It was finally my turn!! Katie and crew were sooooooooo nice, warm, encouraging, and thankfully forgiving of my lack of experience. Even Athena decided to come and give me a little pep talk before I started.

All the other girls stood around and cheered each other one. Not a negative word was said and each one did it for each other the entire time. It was really an uplifting experience that I hope I was able to create for them with my own nervous smile and sincere but small words of encouragement. I had so many thoughts flowing through my head while trying to look so care free. Was my hair losing its curl? Am I doing the right pose? Do I look like I’m having fun? Will they really use these pictures? What if they’re all disasters but they’re just being nice and not saying anything?

Then, just like that, it was all over. Two outfits and 3 sessions later we were all done. While I have no pics with Katie (CEO of Healthy Is The New Skinny) we did have an opportunity to talk for a little bit. I have always been grateful for the chance to contribute to the HNS blog and her encouragement of my own project was surprising since she’s so involved in so many things I didn’t think she followed my work much. She gave me great advice and encouraged me to keep on going.  Sadly, my ride had arrived and it was time to go.

I walked out of that studio feeling relief and accomplished. I did it! I did what I set out to do! Now, what??!

Recently I heard a wonderful expression:

To people of faith, nothing is a coincidence

Whether it is a belief in God, luck, fate, karma, doesn’t matter. Faith is about believing in something bigger than ourselves and by listening closer we can see that our journey is purposeful and blessed the more we believe.

So, not knowing what my next move was going to be, I took a walk and just looked and listened.

Frida told me to keep being myself. Not everyone will understand what the nature of my heart is but that doesn’t matter. Being me is what matters.
This reminded me to practice and prepare every day. Not because something is happening right at this moment but I have to be ready when it does.
These stairs literally told me to keep going.
These stairs reminded me to take it one or two steps at a time.

Because if I can do all of these things I can make it to the top. It’s just so lonely sometimes because at the end of the day I am the only one that can do it. All the fears that everyone tries to help overcome can only be conquered by facing them face to face.

I we can do this, what else can I do? What did this whole experience teach me?

  1. I have a boat load of support I never realized would be willing to do so much for me. It’s not that I wouldn’t be willing to do the same for every single person but being the independent woman I am I find it difficult. That being said it made my life so much easier. There’s not prize for getting things done the most stressful way.
  2. When we combine our purpose with passion we are basically limitless. That doesn’t mean everything goes exactly the way that we envision but we make it happen. Being flexible enough to see that sometimes what we envision is too small and that we’re meant for bigger things and if we have enough faith then we will be able to truly see the grandeur of our possibilities.
  3. Fear will follow me everywhere I go as long as I keep moving forward. I am not trying to outrun now. It is trying to keep up with me. It desperately throws new things at me but as long as I keep pushing forward it cannot stop me. I might hesitate but the more I look back on what I have accomplished the less and less I believe the lies that fear feeds.
48 hours later I was back on the plane heading home with a full heart and a head full of crazy ideas!

Is there another shoot planned in my future? Nope.

Will there ever be one again? Who knows.

Am I ready if it were to happen?? 100% 🙂

GOAL: Crushed it!


  • UPDATE: The date and time is all set! Wed. May 4 from 11am – 12pm at Harold’s In The Heights. Space is limited and it is RSVP only. The event is FREE! lunchflyer3
  • I have taken the plunge and will be putting together my very first meetup in Houston, TX! I had the absolute pleasure of meeting incredibly powerful women at my very first networking event last week. It was sponsored by the National Association of Women Business Owners Houston Chapter (NAWBO-Houston) and while I am still working on a business plan I wanted to share my idea with real business women and their reaction was absolutely wonderful. I had two professionals offer me a space to hold my meetups. While I’m working on solidifying dates I encourage you to follow PowerToPrevail on Facebook (Click here: PowerToPrervail Facebook) because it’s the easiest platform to deliver the most up to date event information through and because I post cool stuff on there, too.
  • 3_2016_LunchHEB
    That’s me standing right next to Scott McClelland, Director of HEB Houston! 
  • I am on LinkedIn. Well, I’ve always been on LinkedIn but never used to to its fullest potential. Now that I have named myself Chief Enthusiast Office at PowerToPrevail I want to start getting to know more professionals and see how we can all work together to bring this message to more people. If you are a professional and would like to connect for future ventures check me out PowerToPrevail on LinkedIn


As always, I am incredibly thankful for you. You feel my message is important enough to give me your valuable time for a brief moment in time. I thank you and I hope my words help you to be the best version of wonderful and unique you. xoxo

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