Double Mastectomy

I just found out that someone I know through my fiancé has discovered, though genetic testing, that she has an incredibly high chance of developing breast cancer. In a few days she will undergo a double mastectomy. He asked me to write something for her because he recognized this procedure as lifesaving but at the potential expense of losing her identity. This sparked an incredibly interesting and long conversation between us. I will save that for another post because this one is just for her and all the other women in our lives who have been down this road or will face it one day in the future.

I can’t always find the right words to express myself completely but this poem flowed from my heart. I hope anyone going through this experience recognizes the incredibly powerful decision they are choosing to live. I love you all and may your unique light continue to shine for the rest of us to bathe in it’s splendor.


Am I

my hair

Am I my skin

Or am I the spirit within

To keep my fire burning bright

What would I be willing to give up

What would I be willing to sacrifice

It’s easy in the future to look at our past

The moments all seem like they went by so fast

We will live with the choice we’re all forced to make

Sometimes it seems it’s more than we can take

But your future self knows you will not break

So many answers we’re never told

Will I still be loved or grow old

To find out you will be bold

You’re more than tissues

More than bones

You are light






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