#Topless 5K – My sister and May

You see what I did there? So clever.

Anyway, how awesome is it to share something special with someone you love? On May 1, 2016 my sister and I set out on my funnest 5K to date!

I woke up feeling feverish but determined to have a good time. How can I possibly pass up beer before 11am? With no real plan in hand we decided on black sports bras and black bottoms and a whole lot of fun with makeup! After all the race is called Santo de Mayo 5K!

With my heart on my belly I am ready for the race!

It’s only until we get in the car that my sister tells me that she hasn’t exactly been training for the race as well as she should have. She was cool as a cucumber though and said I was free to run ahead. With the way I was feeling I was ok with that even though I felt I had a PR in me somewhere since I had been working extra hard on my speed. So I thought about it…

Ready to start the race!

Then, I told her she didn’t come all this way to run alone. She flew down from Washington to be with me and it just didn’t seem right to leave her by herself. Thankfully I’m at the point that I don’t have to prove that I can run a 5K after having completed so many. We came up with a game plan and set off. Now, I will definitely be doing this race again next year because it was really really festive, you get 3 (yes 3!) beer tickets and it’s no chintzy size, that you can pour from their commemorative glass!! A live band. Food. Did I mention the beer? So good.

The after party!!! Too sooon?

So we took off and discovered the many under and overpasses that this course was on which neither of us expected. It was still a challenge for me but more importantly I was really happy to be able to talk to and encourage my sister. She was really really pushing herself and as I chatted along and cheered on other racers she kept on setting the pace for when and where we would walk and run. My one and only task was to be her biggest cheerleader.

Almost doooooone!!

For anyone considering a 5K, consider the fact that you can choose to complete it any way you can. Finishing is finishing. Yes people will pass you. Shoot, people will seem to fly by you but that’s their race and you have your own to run or walk or skip.

As far as our bellies go?? They didn’t get any mention, again. Our faces though? Killer. We got so many compliments and even this and other pictures aren’t mine. They’re from a guy we met at the race who asked to take our picture because he loved the makeup and said I could have a copy. How cool is that??  Yay people. I also need to give it up to the makers of this makeup because nothing moved and I sweat like crazy.

About to cross the finish line and I’m still chatting!

Now on a slightly more serious note. This is my older sister. This is someone who shares some genes with me. We couldn’t be any more different in a lot of ways. She has always been more petite than me and after two kids as well she has zero stretch marks on her tummy. This is just a perfect example of just how different we are all meant to be. She may look like the “healthier” one but that’s solely based on the unreliable and false definition that skinny=healthy. It just doesn’t. So many factors need to be considered when throwing that healthy word around because each of us are so unique and our bodies are each dealing with various issues that we don’t owe anyone an explanation for.

Done and Done

So we finally finished a second apart and started our celebration! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my morning than this. Just two sisters having a great time, running around, drinking beer, and playing with makeup. All this extra stuff about worry about someone else’s opinion is just not on our agenda and doesn’t belong on your agenda either. The time that we have to spend accomplishing our goals is much better spent focusing on our goals. The moments we wish to cherish are better spend in that moment focused on enjoying ever second of it.

Do something incredible and bold for yourself and for once don’t explain yourself. Just do you. Be the person you want to be and not who you believe other people want you to be. It’s waaaaaaaay more fun this way!!

Have an amazing week being incredible you my friends!! xoxo


  • I’m finally taking this #topless5k on tour and heading to Seattle, WA! The dates are not set yet BUT it will be towards the end of  July and I can’t wait! I love the PCN!!
  • I’m going to be featured in AND on the cover of this month’s PLUMP Magazine May edition!
  • I held my very first meetup on Wednesday May 4, 2016!! Stay tuned for the post on that! AND that’s another item checked off my bucket list.

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