Keep Calm and It’s a Pool Party

7 Pool Party Rules

Someone has started a mommy group in my community which meets at the pool and I think is super cool and yet I feel odd since my kids are in school now. So basically I just get to hang out and reminisce about the days when my time at the pool was spent making sure one child who didn’t know how to swim didn’t boldly swan dive into the shallow end of the pool while making sure the other one didn’t eat too many soggy chlorine dunked cheerios. Let’s not also forget the time amount of time obsessing over what everyone, who weren’t actually thinking of me because they had their own toddlers in tow, was thinking of me.

It’s also warming up and therefore Pool Party Season is upon us!!


Now I love these types of events because I get to meet new people and not chase down a 2 and 3 year old. This very situation used to make me panic. It’s one thing to have to get dressed in regular clothes knowing you are going to meet strangers but it’s a whole other thing to do it in a bathing suit. I used to worry about what other people who think of my body and bathing suit selection because of the additional pressure I felt was put on moms. It’s this unoffical moment when you reveal whether or not you ever “reclaimed” your pre-baby body or if you just “gave up”. Like it’s that much of a choice.

Ummmm well I am happy to say that I feel neither the pressure or panic because I decided to create my own criteria for what works for me when it comes to how I will prepare and conduct myself at a pool party.

DSC_0348.JPGIn no particular order, here are my own pool party rules:

1. Apply sunblock liberally. I plan on staying for a while and keeping my skin happy and protected is priority número uno. While the kiddos might not like it, you’ll thank yourself when you don’t have to deal with burns later on.

2. Wear a bathing suit because is too hot to be in so many layers for a long time. I live in Texas now and was from Florida before so I know heat. Also, it’s a pool party so there’s a certain understanding bathing suits will make an appearance. A get together at a fro yo shop maybe not but who am I to judge?

3. Get in the water before you overheat. No one says you have to do announce your entry into the pool with a cannonball or walk a runway when you take your coverup off. It’s  hot, you’re next to a pool. Besides, how else will you find out if you can hold your breath the longest or if you can still do a handstand underwater?

4. Don’t do cover ups if you don’t have to. Part of it is a level of bravery but I’m also kinda lazy. To me, it’s just one more article of clothing I have to wash, fold, and put away and don’t we have enough of that? You’re welcome.

5. Your body. Your money. Your bathing suit choice. My bathing suits are not limited to tankinis, one piece, or my favorite bathing suit covered up by tank top and shorts just because I am a mom or just because I have stretch marks. I don’t know who implemented that rule so I sort of ignore it. Also, I’m not a fan of tan lines.

6. Sit down. I don’t go looking for my coverup (probably because I don’t have one) or towel to cover myself up so no one sees my tummy and thighs as they roll out of proportion when I sit or bend over. Everyone knows that happens, it’s not a secret. You want to relax. So relax. I also recommend a wine glass in hand but that’s just me.


7. Have fun! I will play and I will mingle. I deserve to have fun, too. Because, this is a party. Once I ran into the only other mom I knew and she looked at me (while I was in my bikini enjoying a brownie) and said “man, I wish I had a body like yours” while she was covered up and avoiding going near the pool. We talked for a while as our kids played and She asked me all about my PowerToPrevail project. She finally took her coverup off (because it was just too hot) and she had the smoothest tummy and that’s all I could focus on because that used to be my biggest criteria for having a bikini worthy body. We just kept on talking, eating, and swimming and the world did not come to an end for her. Needless to say it was a reminder that we are unique and have different ideas of what is perfect but it’s more important to be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t miss out on any more fun being self conscious thinking you have to fit some arbitrary mold or ideal because you are your own person and are created for your own amazing purpose.

I have worked really hard to be healthy so that I can be here for my kids, not to look good in a bathing suit. My happiness comes from being able to go to a party and enjoy myself.


More importantly, I am thankful I have the opportunity to be the example my children need and others need. Life is a party that we’re all invited to enjoy! xoxo


Details here: Seattle Meetup Info



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