me and my trösta box

Why is self care so tough? Self care being all the things we do just for ourselves. I’m usually pretty good at the standard things like hitting the gym, drinking a glass of wine, and the occasional trip to get a pedicure but honestly that’s because it’s what I can fit in to my busy schedule. I’m also not one to go out and buy something for self care because there are so many options I get overwhelmed and just buy a bottle of wine and go for a run instead. Not necessarily in that order but not necessarily not in that order sometimes.

Then one day I was asked by Kelly, creator of trösta box, to try out her new business. It’s a monthly subscription service that delivers surprise items to help craft and nurture your own self care routine. All I needed to hear was surprise and self care. I was totally in. So I tried it and I loved it and here is why:

  1. I don’t have to think about anything that has to go in the box because stressing out about self care negates the whole purpose. Seriously, even picking out a new shade of nail polish so I can give myself little manicures at home overwhelms me.
  2. I get to have a package arrive in the mail just for ME! I don’t know why but that still makes me so happy! That is what self care is though. It’s supposed to be just for you. We mask it sometimes by including our family and claiming that seeing their happy faces is what we love. Like a relaxing family picnic that involves you doing all the cooking, planning, packing, serving, unpacking, and cleaning. Just sayin…not about you.

    My box is here and it’s just for meeeee and I’m still in my pajamas!

3. I am all about details and this was really beginning to feel like a gift to myself and THAT is a key point. We’re so bad at gifting things to ourselves we forget how simple a little gift now and again really lifts up our mood. Did I mention it was just for me?IMG_0085

4.It was FILLED with really, really, really cool stuff. It wasn’t like those bags of chips that are 90% air. This was going to be fabulous! I could feel it!IMG_0086

5. There was A LOT of thought put into this box. All the items complimented one another. The delicious tea was complimented with an adorable steeper and yummy crackers that I could enjoy in my motivational mug and just in case it was too hot I had my nifty knit koozie to wrap it in which I could be sipping on in my bubble bath while coloring a cool postcard to my heart’s content using these funky and fun color pencils.

Obi-Want Catnobi made sure I didn’t miss anything.

6. It’s helpful. See one of the issues with self care is that we don’t take time out for it. It’s more of a when can I sneak it in kind of deal for most of us. So they include this awesome and simple calendar to help you with that. It creates a clearer goal for what small but important things we can do every single day to show ourselves a little lovin like DANCE! on May 11th or Indulge in some dark chocolate on May 19th. So I hung mine up on my refrigerator because, BONUS, there’s even a recipe to try on May 23rd!

7. I legit loved using the stuff in it!

The color pencils and postcard coloring book is really great to keep in my purse. It turns out that I spend a lot of my time waiting for stuff and this has helped me pass the time and have a little fun! As you can see I’m still on the first page but making lots of progress. Seriously though, these pencils are so fun and I can’t wait to mail out my finished post card. I’m taking requests now. Comment below to be the first to receive a post card hand colored/mostly-in-the-lines by yours truly!

I live in Houston and it has been raining. A LOT. So this tea, steeper, mug combo was just what the doctor ordered. We spent a week out of school and this helped me to smile and be really really thankful that we managed to evade the flooding.

8. I felt good about supporting other small businesses AND small businesses owned by women. Before agreeing to review trösta box I asked her why she started this business in the first place.

She wrote back saying “In answer to your question, trösta box came out both experiencing hardship and a desire to do something meaningful in my profession. My husband and I struggled for years with infertility, and as we began going through treatments I realized how much I didn’t spend time caring for myself and actually loving who I was. After researching self-care and its importance I started prioritizing myself. Now that I am transitioning into motherhood I am realizing how much this routine is needed for me to continue loving my family and feeding my own personal growth.”

I love passionate people who seek ways of empowering others in their own special way.

9. In addition to this being her business she is filling her box with items from other small business owners and gives each of them credit. I value this so much because it’s an incredible way to support one another and I am always down for that.

Check out all this collaboration going on!

10. This is truly something you can give to a loved one in your life that can use the gift of self love. Even if that loved one is yourself. Since it’s a subscription it’s like a gift that keeps on giving that you don’t have to remember to send. Anyone in the following categories could probably use this ASAP:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Public Service Workers
  • Humans

Everyone can use the gift of self care, especially those whose job it is to care for others.

BONUS: The filling in the box kept Obi-Wan Catnobi entertained for hours. I’m still finding pieces he snuck off with!


I want to thank Kelly for the opportunity she gave me to share this idea with the world. I truly hope that we can all find the value in self care and take the steps to increase the amount of it we experience for ourselves. You are worth it. You deserve it. The world will be a better place for it because you will have taken care of yourself just like you take care of everyone else.

If you’re interested in ordering a box you can use my promo code until June 22, 2016 for 30% off the first month!

disclaimer: I am getting paid $0 for this and I get nothing but the satisfaction that I’m helping others.


I hope you all have a phenomenal week and feel free to check out trösta box on FB and Instagram or at their website


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