The 3 Positive Lessons I Learned From The Men of Comicpalooza

As a general rule I say yes to most opportunities. I feel like it’s always an opportunity to learn something about my world, myself, and my random desire to know the most random amount of things.

For whatever crazy reason I accepted an invitation to attend and interview some of the guests that would be appearing at Houston’s Comicpalooza this year. This is strange because I don’t really watch tv or movies or read comics or videos games. Seems like the perfect reason to go alone then and so I went with an open heart at actually came out with really beautiful new perspectives from the most unusual and incredible people.

1. People have soooo much to say beyond what they are known for and can inspire you in new ways if you just take the time to ask and listen.

First, I got to meet the Lou Ferrigno!! While everyone was asking about The Hulk, I wanted to learn more about the man. So I asked him what he wants his legacy to be. His response was “fitness and acting” so we talked more about his latest project he’s doing with his daughter called Ferrigno FIT. He stressed the importance on the mind/body connection/balance and being the best version of yourself for yourself. He spoke with so much passion and encouragement that I couldn’t wait to hit the gym that night. I also had a super duper proud moment after the interview was over and he looked at me and asked if I worked out!! Yesssss…WIN. People really are trying to change the conversation about health and wellness to encompass the mind, body, and spirit and understand each person’s journey will be unique.

Lou and I getting our flex on!

2. Men are feeling the pressure, too.

Then, we got to interview Chuck Huber who is famous for being a voice actor. Basically I knew even less about him but enjoyed his interview the most because of his honesty and genuineness. I felt comfortable enough to tell him about my project and asked him how he feels that body positivity takes on a different definition when it comes to cosplay and doesn’t even seem like an issue in places like Comicpalooza. His answer was phenomenal.

Check him out on twitter which be promises to get better at: Chuck Huber Twitter

He acknowledged that over time even the body positive conversation has included men in a way that it never has before and said “but people take their brokeness and turn it into their greatest strength. In here people feel safe to be the character so whether your a fat or skinny Deadpool or Princess Leia doesn’t matter everyone loves it and celebrates it.”

or the flash in a tutu with lightening wings!!!

He was so right too! In my next blog post I’ll share some of my favorite and empowering body positive cosplay moments! Stay tuned…. Okay, back to this post.

3. Men are actively trying to break the mold for women and girls, too!

I looooooved walking around the vendors section and talking to different authors. This one in particular caught my attention and his presence was instantly inviting. This is Dennis Calloway and he’s a first time author. I loved the passion he spoke with about his book.

Keep up with him on Twitter: Dennis Calloway Twitter

His books is called Return to Earth and the main character is a black female pilot who also happens to be a wife and mother in a post-apocalyptic setting which I happen to love! I asked him why he felt it was so important to feature such a character and he said “I just felt it was important for my daughters to read.” His daughters being in their 20’s now he still feels there’s such a lack of diversity in books and film (which he hopes his book will be one day) when there’s no good reason for it. Once I get my ipad back I’ll be downloading the eBook which is only $6.99!

Finally, I got to sit in a Q & A with Kel Mitchell of All That and Good Burger fame. He has a new show on Nickelodeon called Game Shakers which centers around girls who code! I asked him why he felt it was so important to him to feature girls in technology in a venue traditionally reserved for slapstick comedy. I love him even more for his response. KelHe said “because Girl Power.. where my ladies at! I think its awesome for a minority to see girls her age that are coding. It’s just awesome.” As a father he sees how much kids can accomplish given the right tools and encouragement so the show’s page even has a section to teach kids to code! Check it out!

I feel really compelled to share all of this with you because this is exactly what we need to acknowledge and support. Sometimes we get so caught in spreading our own message we don’t see how many others are doing so in their own way, using their own voice. Be open to new perspectives and see how much your world expands. Thanks fellas for showing this gal such a great time!

Did I mention I am in no way being paid to say any of this? I received a pass for free with the freedom and expectation to write about my experience. I would really like to thank Lisa Carey with New Creative Media for this opportunity and the incredible women of Houston Latin Bloggers for welcoming me and involving me in their fabulous community I get to now call home! xoxo




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