What is a Bopo Beach Meetup?

I’m not entirely sure but I do know it gets me to the beach and lets me meet other people so I decided to create one.

But seriously, I have a vision in my head and this is how it goes.

It’s my way of creating a safe place. Why a safe place? Because most of us don’t have the courage to try new things on our own. Especially things that have already been drilled into us as being shameful or embarrassing. I’m not a fan of being alone either but I also struggled to admit my issues to even my closest of friends and family. I did it on my own because I felt I had no other choice and sometimes strangers are a little less scary to spill our guts out to. So why not create an opportunity to know you will be meeting a pretty cool stranger. Because honestly…

I wish I had someone to hold my hand through it. I might have learned to love myself sooner.

Yes, I am a strong and independent woman but that doesn’t mean I WANT to struggle on my own. Meeting people whom you can relate to brings relief because it lifts a burden you thought you were the only one bearing. I can’t tell you how many women have come to me and said “my tummy looks just like yours!” or “I never knew anyone else looked like me!” So come out and maybe you’ll be your body double and maybe you might let the ocean wash away a little bit of that shame and maybe you might find a new friend to help you through. Because honestly…

I wish I had known other women were going through the same struggle. I might have learned to embrace myself sooner.

I want to let you know that on this beach exists at least ONE person who will not judge you in anyway and just wants to have a good time. We hope this magical person exists. We pray that when the time comes that someone out there will show us kindness. That unpredictability though keeps holding us back. What if the one time I go for it, I happen to cross the most vicious critic on the planet? Sometimes one person’s act of kindness is enough. One time to give that self esteem a little boost to do it again and again. I want to help create that spark. Because honestly…

I wish someone would guarantee to be on my side and support me. I might have learned to be braver sooner.

I want to help other my own way and in the way I wished someone else would do for me all along. Everyone has someone to contribute to the world. Some people invent things. Some people open up stores. Some people develop apps. I go to the beach. It’s my happy place and meeting people has always brought me so much joy. I LOVE people and I love their stories and I love being able to combine the two. We get so caught up in seeing the amazing things that others are doing that we imagine since we can’t recreate it their way then we must have nothing to give to the world. Let me love you! Lol. Not creepy at all….

This Saturday,  July 23, 2016 at 9am I’ll be at the beach and I am inviting you to join in. I’m not asking you to do or wear or be anything more than what you feel is what you want for you. What I can promise you is this:

  • There will be no judgment
  • There will be a lot of fun

For more info you can go to my FB page here: Bopo Beach Meetup, leave a comment, or send me an e-mail to powertoprevail@gmail.com

As you debate in your mind whether or not this sort of thing is what you want to do, ask yourself this:


Just for one moment imagine you CAN do the thing you thought was impossible. Imagine you CAN look past the fear and embrace the life meant for you. Imagine you CAN say yes to loving yourself unconditionally and unapologetically. What would your heart be free to experience then?

Have a beautiful week! xoxo

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