From My Heart To Yours

When I started PowerToPrevail I had 3 really big (HUGE) fears:

  1. Would people understand what I was trying to accomplish?
  2. Would anyone actually benefit in the way I intended?
  3. Would I be criticized?

Every single one of those fears have come true in one shape or form and you know what? I didn’t care nearly as much as I thought I would.

What I CONSTANTLY remind myself is that there are too many freaking people on this planet with far too many different perspectives to spend any time or energy trying to please everyone. It’s impossible. So I stay focused on you.

So I speak from the heart so it can reach yours. Whoever you are that needs to see my pictures and hear my words. I wish I knew where to find you because I’d give you a big hug and then listen carefully as your share your story. If I knew where you were hiding I would shine a light on the things you’re too afraid to show to help you believe there’s nothing to be afraid of. If I knew that secret place where you retreat to in hopes of finding another person just like you I would run up to you and say “I’m Right Here!” and we’d continue to search for others together.

In this journey I have found so many hearts who have jumped for joy realizing they were not alone in their sorrow. They finally heard a rhythm that matches their own. A heart that beats stronger knowing there are other hearts that need to be found. Someone from every continent (minus Antarctica) has reached out to me just to say “Thank you”. It’s a thank you that comes with a big sigh of relief because at last they discovered an ally.

Tonight I’m just feeling incredibly thankful and focused. Lately there’s been a lot of noise and distraction in all of this. The noise that distracts the harmony we’re all trying so hard to create and that scares others away. I am not distracted or deterred. In one week I have been called many foul names and not one comment made a difference to my mission. It can’t. It’s not my mission to make everyone understand what I’m trying to say or do.

My mission is to find the hearts that my heart is seeking. You know exactly who you are and your healing is worth all of this effort. You, yes you. I’m so glad I found you.



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