Meeting a Follower IRL

It’s actually happened twice. Both times it has been surreal.

The internet is a funny thing. Being on-line is also sort of funny. I always compare it to just sort of shouting out into an abyss. You assume someone else is out there and hopefully, someone out there is listening. You don’t really know for sure.

Until you hear back from a fan. Someone who has actually been following your blog or social media by their own free will.

The first time it ever happened I was over the moon excited. My now dear friend over at MommaOfDos had been following me while I was living in Florida. I made the move to Houston and once she realized she reached out to me and has become and incredible friend who has introduced me to other incredible bloggers and groups. She is such an incrdible human who I love that I know in real life. I even had the privilege of writing a guest post over on her blog. Click here for that one.

The second time I met a fan it was a completely different and more moving experience. I’ve been a really busy bee which is why it’s been so long since I have posted anything (sorry) but it’s all for good reasons. On this particular day I was at a photo shoot for Hollywood Hippie Cosmetics. I was sitting waiting for my turn in the makeup chair and chatting it up with my makeup artist. She asked me what my blog name was and when I told her it was PowerToPrevail she got so excited. She said “I Follow You!” with tears filling in her eyes.  I was so moved that all I could think to do was give her a hug. Her reaction was so genuine and touching because in that moment I realized what my shouting in the abyss was doing.

It was reaching people. Reaching the exact people I hoped it would. The greatest words I heard from her was “I feel less alone.” Ugh. I’m tearing up just writing that.

I started this blog to help others know someone out there might just completely understand what they are going through. That someone out there genuinely cares about the fears and shame they care. More importantly, that someone out there believes that they can overcome it with love so that they can live the life meant for them. FULL of joy, happiness, and passion.

The results have been overwhelming and powerful. As powerful as I had anticipated. The shame and fear we feel about are bodies and how it correlates to our ability to live fully is real. The power of perception HAS to change. Dramatically and drastically. I cannot sit around and wait for someone to do it. I have decided to do it for myself and I continuously receiving affirmations that I am on the right path.

Over the last month I have had 3 INCREDIBLE experiences thanks to this project and saying YES to my path which I have fought so hard to pursue with unapologetic passion. It has not always been easy and my self doubt creeps in really really regularly. I continue to use that fear as my compass to the areas where I need to spend my love, energy, and attention on so I can heal and move forward.

Thank you for your constant support and encouragement!! Now on to my happy news!

  1. I have a new job. After a year and a half I am the new Executive Director for TiE Houston. I have to write a whole other post as to how this came to be. It’s phenomenal.
    Ana and Sehar.png
    Outgoing Executive Director who has taken me under her wing. 

    2. The photo shoot with Hollywood Hippie Cosmetics was AMAZING! I can’t wait to be able to share all the pictures! Thank you to Amanda from The Indigo Rose Project for being a supportive fan and talented makeup artist because this work speaks for itself.

  2. hollywood-hippie-shoot
    Photo from Hollywood Hippie Cosemtics FB Page 














3. Finally, I have been asked by Houston Latina Bloggers and Be Visible Latinx to be a speaker at their Body Image event! It’s taking place THIS Sunday, November 6th at Thinking Girls Boutique. ( another blog post I need to write about, too).


Let’s Do This! xoxo

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