Fall In Love With The Unlovable

At my old job we were constantly told “Perception is reality”. At first that really bothered me because I’m like Nooooo.. reality is reality but over time I let that concept ruminate and now I use it to help me help others see themselves differently.

Recently I noticed that the leaves are changing and it was quite mesmerizing. Not something I ever experienced while living in South Florida so this is a pretty new experience. I giggled when a bunch of leaves fall all at the same time creating a mini shower for anyone lucky to be underneath. I took extra time to notice how one tree could harbor soooo many different shades of so many different colors on it at any given time. Then, I was really struck by the fact that despite growing barren for a few months that it would return to its FULL bloom in a matter of months.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much we celebrate all that but can’t quite seem to apply that exact same logic to ourselves? Why can we see one perception of reality but can’t seem to see it in other ways.

Over time we have all experienced seasons. A time to grow. A time to reflect. A time to shed. A time to be still. A time to evolve. A time to mourn. A time to laugh. A time for confusion. A time for everything.

Not a single thing has been permanent but everything has contributed to our story.

The first question I must always ask is: Why is there SUCH an emphasis on appearance? You should note that I never once used the words pretty or beautiful to describe the trees I mentioned above. I do my best to appeal to all of my senses and emotions and that’s actually really hard because  our default to validate anything has been to call it beautiful. Why? Because without that obsession companies would fold oh so very quickly. No demand = no sales.

The second question I have is: How come I can perceive that in every other situation that variation, texture, color, and uniqueness is a desirable quality BUT I can’t apply that same logic to myself. Am I not a part of nature? Was I not created for a greater purpose than for someone else to find me desirable? Do trees even worry about that or do they just do what they need to do.

Ok that might have been more than one question but all very important to reflect on. All of which I have spent an incredible of time and energy to answer for myself. Those honest answers have allowed me to love myself completely. They have opened my heart to the idea that I am also mesmerizing, that I have had seasons, that I will continue to have season but more importantly that I have weathered many storms and have only continued to grow.

When you learn to perceive your reality based on reality it makes it so much easier to fall in love with just about everything and to create your own perceptions because you are seeing the world through your own lens. You can look around and find so much inspiration, starting with yourself.

Have an incredible day! xoxo

Speaking of Inspiration:

New Body Positivity 101 Lessons are up on the YouTube Channel:

Check out the pictures from the shoot I did a month ago!!

I’m a fairy! All of my childhood fantasies have come true.
Queen Mode: ON

Credits to the following incredibly talented girl bosses:
Photography The Delusionist
Makeup/hair Brandie Seifert Hollywood Hippie Cosmetics, LLC
Wardrobe LuLaRoe Courtney Esquivel & Thinking Girls Boutique
Stylist Brandi Luna Wilson
Additional Makeup/hair Amanda Lombardo

Jewelry Suzanne Wall Joffrion

4 thoughts on “Fall In Love With The Unlovable

  1. You are SO challenging me to see myself differently, especially my stomach! Not sure why it’s such an issue! Flat tummies are perceived as the “ideal” and if you don’t have one, you better get on fixing it! I appreciate your message, your openness & your challenge to see ourselves & our c-section scars as beautiful.


  2. Hi my names Amy, I ran across your page on Instagram tonight while feeling down about myself, & always feeling down about my.body image..I also have a large scar on my stomach but it’s above my belly button all the way to under my breasts, I had to have emergency surgery twice due to my intestines twisting (bowel obstructions) a foot & 1/2 of my intestines have been removed and I’m lucky to be alive. I’m one hot mess, scars from several things, stretch marks I have a long story and history kind of like a cat with 9 lives 😂 I wanted to say how amazing I think you are and you are a Beautiful WOMAN!! You should be so proud of yourself ❤️❤️I’m excited to follow your journey..


    1. Hi Amy! I am feeling down, too. Your comment has brightened up my day so Thank You. As far as your feelings about your body? They are very real and very important to address. We are all a hot mess in our own way and thankfully there’s no need to be afraid of that. The more we share it the more we see just how many people DO understand what we’re going through. Keep spreading the love and joy! While it might seem your body is trying to kill you, it also seems like it’s fighting hard as hell for you to live. Enjoy what you can!! xoxo

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