A Deviant Look At Self Love

What is it all for?

The hate I mean.

Why is it that we have been made to hate just about everything about our bodies? Why are they constantly being held to a standard neither you or I had any input on? What’s the point?

These are the things I had to ask myself and basically the best answer I could come up with is:

Nothing. It’s for absolutely nothing.

My skin is not me. I am me.

Fact: My skin, or epidermis, is the thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal.

Opinion: It’s “supposed” to be smooth, tight, tan, and flawless.

How come I didn’t list that as a fact? Because there’s not scientific evidence that supports it. My skin can’t climb mountains, smash goals, make love, swim in the oceans, ride horses on the beach, go zip lining, cross finish lines. It can’t. All it can do is sit on top of my bones and muscles as I decide what to do.

That’s it. That’s a fact. That’s the truth that always brings me back to reality when I begin to become distracted. When I think that if I could only lose the extra skin or rid myself of my stretch marks that I could find happiness. Then I look around and see all I have done and all the love I have experienced with this very body I have. Right now. I am doing it because it’s me who does it.

My job isn’t to make everyone find me attractive any more than it isn’t my job to make other people believe I am talented or intelligent or trustworthy or any other things that 7 billion can’t possibly agree on.

Being radical in my perspective has jarred me into a whole new and freeing feeling. It fills me with so much passion and purpose that I can’t keep it to myself. Now with over 12,000 followers throughout all of my social media I am continuously inspired to share it even more.

So this entire time I had allowed others to decide for me how I was supposed to love me. Turns out, it’s up to me. Will everyone agree? No. But what does everyone agreeing with me have to do with it? Nothing. At the end of my time here I will have to reflect back on MY life. I don’t want to realize I had been living to satisfy those that didn’t have to live my life and I was some sort of bystander.

I am not a bystander, I am the conductor. I will take these stretch marks, scars, loose skin, blemishes, freckles, and continue to go on adventure after adventure. Filling my heart full of joy and my head full of memories. That’s what I choose.

What would you do? If an answer popped into your heart then listen to that calling. Give yourself a chance and watch how your small spark turns into a roaring flame.




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