Happy 2 Year Anniversary: Lessons Learned

Welp. I couldn’t think of a more motivating reason to write a blog post after almost a month.

This happened earlier this month:


Yahoo Article
Full article (there’s even a video!): click here

BAM! All of my goals and fear met at one time! Also, I can’t believe Eminem’s daughter is now in college… Where does the time go?

When I began this journey of blogging and being on social media as PowerToPrevail I knew what I wanted to accomplish but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I decided to allow the growth to be organic and take however long it would take to grow its own wings. Being patient isn’t one of my greatest qualities and I have so much to say I want to constantly shout it from the rooftops and expect to be heard. Years of training taught me to do the exact opposite. Be purposeful in the most minor of detail so as you pick up your pace you stay in good form.

So, here we are two years later and growing at the fastest pace to date. I’ve learned a couple of things along the way and I really felt it important to share.

  1. YOU CAN’T CONTROL PEOPLE. Like, no one. I can barely control myself. No matter how many angles you approach a situation or conversation, people are going to add things you don’t expect. We take that as a sign that somehow we have failed or are flawed. Not the case. Some people just like to serve as a constant reminder that we all share different views and perspectives. You’re not obligate to convert anyone.
  2. FEAR ISN’T A FLAWED EMOTION. The way people use fear is. Fear begets fear and you only need a tiny bit to be let loose before it begins to grow rampantly if never checked. Some people know and understand that so they use it. They don’t build themselves up in the process, they just keep others down. Fear is what happens when our brain is faced with a situation it hasn’t encountered before and goes into action to either help us fight, flight, or freeze. The presence of it alone doesn’t mean anything until we act upon it knowing we have choices.
  3. REPRESENTATION MATTERS. Time and time again I have received messages from people all over the world with a sense of relief. They have waited so long to know that maybe someone out there can understand what they have been feeling. Note that I did not say mothers, or women, or men but people. I purposefully speak to themes and use my pictures as examples in order for other to be able to place themselves in my shoes (but mostly bikinis) and picture as if it were them standing where I am. When we can’t even picture ourselves in a situation, it’s hard to create the series of events to get us there. So, if I can help someone picture themselves feeling free to enjoy an experience then they can begin taking those steps.
  4. POWER IS ALSO A PERSPECTIVE. This article title was a little antagonistic but it did bring about an interesting group of people into my conversation. Some people felt personally challenged to prove to me that they (trolls) cannot be stopped and continued to leave negative comments as if to prove their strength. When their perceived power was challenged, they felt a strong need to bring the fight to me as if to prove me “wrong”. The problem with that is the perception that words have power is solely on the person who perceives it. The things we give power to is in our control and requires a transfer of that power from us to them. Those who find the need to flex their power by bringing others down really deserve a lot of compassion for they lack the strength to build others up.

As I enter year 3 of this project I am filled with incredible excitement and joy. I may not be dedicating my time to is as much as I would like but I’m still here and I’m still going and very much still dreaming.

1. Working toward another magazine cover and feature.

2. Working on not one but two public speaking engagements.

3. Working on an event in Houston.

Putting all of this out there to help make my vision clear and goals intentional.

Thank  you for your constant encouragement and support. What would you like to see from me in 2017??

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