Dear New Pregnant Me From Old Pregnant Me

Dear Ana,

Congratulations! It’s been 10 years but you’ve decided to go down this road again. Please let me be the first to remind you of a few things:

  1. No one else gets to do what you do so do what you need to do for yourself. Everyone’s journey is so vastly different that even the well meaning advice can’t substitute you doing everything you can to get to know yourself even better. Trust that you do know what you need. Trying to please others won’t actually bring YOU closer to you. It’s more of a distraction than anything else. Take the naps. Eat the food. Do all the things.

    Ana Ultrasound
    Blobby busting a move.
  2. Be in every picture. Take every picture you feel like taking. Just because. Exist. Be a part of your memories. Take up space. Your space. It’s not for anyone else but you anyway.

    Ana Week #4
    So it begins…4 weeks
  3. Sit in wonder and live in gratitude. Nothing else will strip away from this experience faster than losing sight of what is important and only focusing on what others have dictated is acceptable or is expected. Acceptance implies someone has to be willing to receive what you are offering. Giving into the demands that everyone else places will leave you very little for yourself. This isn’t about anyone else. It’s about about a gift you are giving to yourself. Accept it with open arms.

    Ana reflecting
    Early morning reflection.
  4. Allow things to happen as they’re supposed to happen. Continue to say yest to opportunities and do your best not to get lost in what it all means. Some things aren’t meant to be figured out right away. Just remember that whatever it is you have to give, offer, and accept is enough. You don’t NEED a picture perfect anything. You’re only in control of so much.
    Ana Behind the Scenes
    No edit. No filter. No matching lingerie. No problem. The Delusionist Photograph. 8 weeks.



  5. You’re a target once again. There’s a whole market coming after you before, during, and after this whole experience. The free samples, the ads, the bullsh*t is all going to start flying your way. Don’t be distracted this time. You know better. You know despite the fear and name calling that nowhere in this ad can they promise a life free of stretch marks, scars, cellulite is any less amazing that with. They can’t because all they can offer is fear but never explain what there ACTUALLY is to be afraid of.

    Stretch mark cream ad
    :::insert eye roll emoji here:::

This is another adventure. Full of excitement and joy as well as anxiety and exhaustion. You may not know what to expect but you do know yourself better than you ever have before. You have nothing to make up for. You have everything to look forward to. Allow yourself to.

You got this. I believe in you. I believe in us. Let’s do this!


Ana First Pregnancy
Me in 2006. One of the rare pictures of me pregnant.

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