Yes, actually.

Caution: The following post contains images that some viewers might find highly offensive. Unflitered family vacation photos.

I am exhausted. The family just spent the last 4 days in Corpus Christi for our very first family vacation!! It’s been a minute so let me catch you up on the latest.

  1. We had a baby 3 months ago. JJ has been an absolutely joyous yet sleepless wonder.

There. You’re all caught up.

So, we arrive after 4 hours (Thank goodness JJ slept most of the way) and I am READY to hit the beach. Like. The beach was the WHOLE point of why we went to Corpus Christi. As we’re all changing into our bathing suits I realized I didn’t shave. When you have to think of the last time you did, it’s probably been a while. The thought of shaving “real quick” crossed my mind but let’s be honest…there’s no quick shave that doesn’t end in pain.

But how can I possibly go to the beach, in a bathing suit, and hairy legs???

Turns out, it’s just like everything else. You just go.

The next day I saw this ad and I remembered why I felt that compulsion and fear the day before.


I say compulsion because I recognized that my instant reaction to my own body being so disgusted yet visceral was worth exploring. How did this automatic reaction come to be??

It’s the same thing almost every time. Just like wrinkles, stretch marks, and just about every other normal human function, it has been vilified. What better business than guaranteed business? Hair has been paired up with gross, unwanted, and embarrassing for so long that we do too. The whole point is to get us to think that automatically so we feel as though we came up with that thought on our own.

What is not mentioned is what our mind is intended to fill in.

In this image you see the same bodies showing us how it is you are “supposed” to enjoy the beach. The usage of the phrase 100% smooth skin has so many subtexts. 100% means perfection. Smooth skin is the absence of anything that makes us human. All this does is perpetuate the self-loathing that because we have failed to reach this alleged goal that bathing suits, beach, and laughter are out of our reach.

I can, without hesitation, tell you that the earth did not stop spinning because I had hair on my legs showing or that my thighs were touching. Can we really just be ourselves and still enjoy ourselves without having to fulfill some pre-requisites?

Yes, actually.

So, as I gazed on the wonder that is the beach, I was so happy to just be there. Present in the moment and enjoying the joy of spending time as a family. Not caught up in worrying about how to sit, stand, or move so as to make others believe I live some perfect life and therefore that’s why we showed up that day. Except I wasn’t going to hug my kids in the picture because they were cold and wet and mama wasn’t having that.

We set out with ONE goal in mind. To go to the beach and enjoy our time as a family.


I’m thrilled to say, Mission Accomplished.

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