My Very First Body Positive Workshop!

After 3 years I am finally moving into the phase of this project I have been most excited about. I spent the last 3 years building this community that’s committed to the same cause and defining how I can serve this community best. I had to see what was being done to help and where I can fill in the gaps.

There are SO MANY GAPS! I wish I could fill them all but I can’t. So, I’m starting in my hometown and addressing issues that are upon us. I am choosing to do so with my own voice and tapping into my expertise.

THIS has been my greatest challenge because I keep having to ask myself “Why would anyone listen to me?”. I feel that I needed to have some sort of credentials or be famous or be basically anyone but me in order to make an impact. Over these 3 years I have discovered that it’s simply not true. By sharing myself and my stories and my vision that I have impacted people all around the world!


I hear your needs loud and clear!


This has given me the courage to take this conversation out of cyberspace and into the real world. Where we can connect as a community and impact one another in a new and powerful way. How do I know for sure? I don’t. I have no clue. I just have my passion and that’s been enough so I allow it to keep guiding my decisions.

My workshop debut is going to be taking place on Saturday, April 28, 2018 from 2:oo pm to 4:00 pm at Thinking Boutique in Houston, TX! Click here to get your workshop tickets!

Why this topic? Well, we’re at the height of negative body image messaging in the US. Those parts of us that we have learned to be ashamed of can’t be hidden under coats, jackets, and sweatpants and we’re being warned that bathing suit season is coming! It’s March…


What is the messaging here really saying? That if you don’t look anything like those representing “bikini bodies”? That we have to STAY OUT. We don’t belong in bathing suits or near beaches or poolside or we can’t be happy or be seen in public. It’s what is being unsaid that is the most powerful and damaging message. Then, when we go out the message continues to be reinforced because we don’t see anything different when we go to the beach or pool because everyone is HIDING! We are convinced that we’re the only ones who “failed” and the downward spiral continues summer after summer.


Nope! We exist and we’re not going anywhere!


I want to address the immediate issue and expand to a variety of topics which impact us. I want to bring awareness to the messaging and create a new script in our minds so we can take this summer on with a lot more love and excitement. The more specific issues we can address, the more powerful our workshops will be. They will help us to identify and tackle these thoughts with tact and purpose because we all deserve to have our fun in the sun!


We’ll be raffling off a Self Love Apparel tee!


How awesome is this messaging?!?


I promise that this is only the beginning! I’d love to hear what other topics you feel just aren’t being covered. Let’s tackle this together!



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