The Real Hidden Messages in Advertising – Part 1 of 3

I recently had an ah-ha moment! I happened during one of my LIVE sessions on Instagram while I was talking about my day job. Bear with me because this actually has something to do with body positivity. During the day I work with entrepreneurs. Recently we’ve been working on helping them prepare business plans, pitch decks, and elevator pitches. I couldn’t help at that moment to use the knowledge I have about business to reverse engineer an advertisement to show you exactly what advertisers know that we haven’t seemed to have caught up with. I’ve flipped the script and hopefully, it serves you better.

So what is that ad that makes you feel like a complete and shameful failure ACTUALLY saying? That:

  1. You are not alone.
  2. You are valuable.
  3. You are capable of all your dreams and passions


Here comes some knowledge y’all. I’m going to explore 1 topic at a time so this will be a 3 part post. This post will discuss why the hidden message #1 is:

You are NOT alone!

Whenever you are considering a business, you MUST consider your customer base. WHO is going to buy your product? If the population is too small then you’re going to have to reconsider your business plan. The idea of a business is to make money and you can’t do that if you don’t have a whole lot of people clamoring for your product. So, you’re either targeting a population that is large or a small population that spends big. Which category do you think they’re going with for a “MommyMakeover” campaign? Yep. The bigger population. So they have set their target. Moms.

How do we then convince moms that they “need” our services? Create a problem.

Know how the advertisements constantly say something like “You don’t want to be the ONLY one missing out on the beach this summer or the ONLY one staying home instead of heading out to pool parties”?

They’re creating this idea that YOU and only you are part of a small group of people. To make matters worse, because we are so full of shame we hide away from each other and that only perpetuates the idea being true when it’s totally not.

I had to challenge this very thought by starting this blog. My whole idea was to share my story and see if anyone out there in the world could relate. I didn’t meet a few or a dozen or a hundred but THOUSANDS of people who could relate to my EXACT story. How is that possible if I’m the only one? Because we’ve been fed lies and believed them.

What I am looking forward to about this workshop on April 28th is meeting y’all face to face. Connecting, sharing, listening, and growing together. We’re no longer just seeing screen-names but actual people. I am so excited to start this part of my project and grow it until we no longer feel isolated and alone and feeling ashamed about our journeys.

Stay tuned to why these ads are actually trying to tell you how valuable you are!


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