The Real Hidden Messages in Advertising – Part 2 of 3

By now I hope you have been staring at advertisements and seeing them from a slightly different perspective. By a different perspective, I really hope you’re screaming “mentiras!” and loving a little more on yourself instead.

If you’re still not convinced, don’t fret. I still have 2 major points to share with you. The other one has already been explained in my previous post.

You may not realize this but you are VALUABLE! I mean, really, you’re priceless BUT from an advertisers perspective, your mind is what they are after and they pay BIG money to figure out how you work.

Ironically, they use what they find to make you feel worthless and guilty and then turn around and sell you something to help you save yourself from yourself.


Companies spend millions of dollars studying our behavior.  A quick search of a prominent cosmetic procedure company listed their  budget at 100 million dollars! MILLIONS! Meanwhile, I struggle with spending $20 on a new dress for myself. Let’s take a hint and splurge on ourselves a little more.

Every year they pour over data and research just figure out how to figure us out. That alone should give you an indication of how powerful you are. Why bother with us at all unless we were worth all this time and effort? Meanwhile, we don’t bother to go for our goals because we’re more terrified at finding out we may not be worth the effort.  Let’s take a second and applaud ourselves for how far we have come in our journeys.

Advertising is subtle and sophisticated. So often we recognize the main message but don’t realize all the other messages we are unknowingly absorbing. I imagine that anyone or anything that takes that much care and effort to attempt to control me in so many ways knows my limitless capacity better than I know it myself. Let’s take a minute and use this energy to be inspired by others and recognize how incredibly wonderful we are as individuals.


Stay tuned for part 3!


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