The Real Hidden Messages in Advertising – Part 3 of 3

The goal jobs, relationships, adventures, and everything else we want to achieve do NOT exist on the other side of a smaller, smoother, and sculpted waistline. You and I have dreams and goals for a reason. That reason is for each of us to discover in our own way but if we spend our time, money, and energy trying to follow someone else’s path we may never discover our own.

The truth is, you are capable of reaching your goals! Right now.

At 27 I had found myself at the lowest point of my life. After 2 kids and almost 10 years into a relationship that I finally realized had been in a toxic and emotionally abusive, I hadn’t accomplished any of my goals and my future seemed bleak. I figured my life was never going to be the way I had always dreamed it would be. How could it? My stomach was covered with stretch marks, scars, and loose skin and had very little in terms of career to speak of. Since my body was “ruined” how could I ever believe that I should even try?

I’d like to say that I was inspired to challenge the system and pursue my goals because  I recognized how worthy I was. Nope. I was just so down low that I figured I might as well try because at this point, I didn’t think it could get any worse. If my life was truly over at 27 then I might as well figure that out as quickly as possible. So, I thrust myself at this as pessimistically as possible. I was going to prove to myself, once and for all, to stop dreaming. To stop believing that the life I wanted was within my grasp. I was going to put myself in every possible position that I was GUARANTEED to fail at.

After a year of pouring into my self-love, I found myself divorced with 2 kids. Not exactly how pictured that was going to go but what did happen was that as my life began to clear itself of hurt and pain and shame, I made room for love and strength and compassion.

I can, with all honesty, say that I have not only met my initial goals but I’m reaching even higher than ever before.

These ads are creating invisible barriers which have no real life consequences. They want you to believe that you are somehow limited but created those limitations? Who set the standards for how a person has to achieve a goal and who is going to stop you from trying? There are no actual formal processes to stop us. If I want to buy a bikini, no one clears my purchase at the store. No one checks my body at the beach. Social media doesn’t screen my posts prior to posting. No words, written or spoken, can actually impact my ability to do what I want to do.

What’s the ireefutable evidence that this is true? Looks like companies are accepting that people of all shapes and sizes and textures have goals and aboslutely nothing is going to stop them so they might as well include them!


How amazing is this ad from Knix !?!?


Because we can, without fanfare, accept the fact that we are all different. Using shame and fear to manipulate our purchases or self-acceptance is hopefully coming to an end for some brands. They can recognize that uplifting and representing their customers they will only encourage more and more acceptance and brand loyalty. We love to support those that support us. A change is coming and it’s slow but keep these truths in mind whenever an advertisement makes you question you entire self-worth.

Remember that you are a…


Tee from @lovethickapparel






I can’t believe it’s already coming up this weekend on May 20th! If you haven’t gotten your tickets, yous till have time:


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