#FandemicHouston is coming! Are you ready??

I’m no gamer or movie fanatic but my family sure is so when we heard about Fandemic Houston, the excitement began. Much to my delight, it turns out they really thought about the ENTIRE family. They also went old school and tugged on my middle-school heartstrings.

Of allll the celebs that will be there, there are some BIG names which I know my friends and family are pumped for:

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, Jeffery Dean Morgan, and Steven Yeun

This is Us’s: Milo Ventimiglia and Chris Sullivan

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista, Michael Rooker, and Sean Gunn, too!

Alll of that is wonderful BUT who is this girl hyped to see the most??

:::drum roll:::

Saban's Power Rangers At San Diego Comic-Conjason-david-frank-signed-11x14-photo-bas-coa-mighty-morphin-power-rangers-green4-t6762986-1600



Additionally, turns out I really love the Cosplay and behind the scenes stuff so I’m pumped for the panels like:

The Horror of Soundtracking

Exploring the subculture of how soundtracks make or break a film. Have fun reliving your favorites with Music Trivia and Other Games in this interactive panel.
Fun fact: I helped a company pitch their company using a celery stick. This stuff is actually handy!
The Birth of a Monster

Explore the Creation and Nurturing of evil by women of horror who give birth to them. Is there a difference in their process? Explore issues women face in the horror industry and how to overcome them.
Prop and Cosplay Building 101

Join us for a look at the multiple ways to build props and costumes in this introductory to building. I bring some examples of molds, resin, clay, and foam along with resources for interested attendees to take pictures of if they are interested in getting into cosplay or prop building.
Finally, who doesn’t love a great HAMILTON SIGN ALONG!?!
Hamilton Sing-A-Long

Come for a mass sing-a-long with your favorite founding fathers! Fandemic goodie bags for the best Hamilton Cosplay!!!
There’s truly something for everyone and we can’t wait!
Get your tickets today: https://www.fandemictour.com/

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