self-love can’t be sold

Did you ever stop to think about how much time, money, and effort is dumped into convincing you that something is wrong with literally every single part of your body? Every. Single. Part.

While I know I can be a little dramatic, let’s take a look at one simple example, our heads:

  • Your scalp. Is it too greasy, too dry, too flaky, too embarrassing?
  • Your hair. Is it too flat, too curly, too kinky, too thick, too thin, too embarrassing?
  • Your skin. Is it too greasy, too dry, too discolored, too uneven, too bumpy, too many freckles, too wrinkly, too embarrassing?
  • Your eyebrows. Are they too thick, too thin, too bushy, too uneven, too embarrassing?
  • Your lashes. Are they too short, too thin, too light, too embarrassing?
  • Your lips. Are they too small, too big, too thin, too dry, too much hair, too embarrassing?
  • Your eyes. Are they too dark, too light, too uneven, too wide, too saggy, too embarrassing?

I’m not even done, I can keep going with cheeks, forehead, chin, shape, and more. It’s disturbing as this is the first time I’ve ever attempted to write to each and every single thing I’ve ever been told about how embarrassing each and every single part of my body could be.

I get it though. You can’t come out and tell people that they are just a giant walking disaster. That won’t work. What will work? Taking it one tiny piece at a time. Breaking you down bit by bit. Then convince you that if you fix just this one tiny thing, that the happiness and life you’ve wanted will be yours. Just like any good scam though, there’s a catch around each and every corner. As you feel you’re getting closer and closer, you’re diving down deeper and deeper into your pocketbook and self-loathing.

What do they know that we’ve seem to have forgotten?

Self-love is not for sale. It’s internal. It’s recognizing that if we are constantly trying to be torn down, then it means we are monumental. We are so great, so colossal, and so grand that in order to tear us apart it must be done so little by little. So, we must stay aware that this is happening so we can rise above it.

It’s time to allow ourselves to cash in on all the gifts we’ve been given. Let’s celebrate all of the incredible and amazing ways we are different. Forget the nonsense that only serves to drive industry profits. Keep yourself intact. Focus on centering your energy toward the things that bring you the most passion and give you purpose instead of being fragmented and distracted.


Ana Carolina

2 thoughts on “self-love can’t be sold

  1. Whhhaaaaa! This is so perfectly articulated! My daughters have just turned 8 and 10, their 3 year old brother is going to move out of their bedroom this year, and we’ve been getting excited together about re-decorating it big girl style – and I’m saving this to frame in there. I want them to read it everyday. Thank you so much for sharing this 💛💛💛


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