Yes, actually.

Caution: The following post contains images that some viewers might find highly offensive. Unflitered family vacation photos. I am exhausted. The family just spent the last 4 days in Corpus Christi for our very first family vacation!! It's been a minute so let me catch you up on the latest. We had a baby 3 … Continue reading Yes, actually.


Facing Fears on a Tuesday

The thought came effortlessly but getting the words out did not. Not even close. I felt so ridiculous for even thinking it. How could THAT be the one thing I wanted to do with this opportunity? This is when I stick to the promise I made to myself whenever I found myself in this situation...

Dear New Pregnant Me From Old Pregnant Me

Dear Ana, Congratulations! It's been 10 years but you've decided to go down this road again. Please let me be the first to remind you of a few things: No one else gets to do what you do so do what you need to do for yourself. Everyone's journey is so vastly different that even … Continue reading Dear New Pregnant Me From Old Pregnant Me


Wings Over Houston Airshow Info plus Twitter Party for Prizes and More #WOHAirshow Deets!

BONUS: There's a chance to WIN awesome prizes and tickets! Check out the Twitter Party info!


A Morning With My Alter Ego

Was I really ready to wiggle and jiggle up close? Was I ready to bust a move and watch as my loose skin moved around with it? In my home I feel safe. Being surrounded by people who know me makes me feel safe. In a room with strangers? Not so much.


me and my trösta box

Why is self care so tough? Self care being all the things we do just for ourselves. I'm usually pretty good at the standard things like hitting the gym, drinking a glass of wine, and the occasional trip to get a pedicure but honestly that's because it's what I can fit in to my busy schedule. I'm … Continue reading me and my trösta box


Keep Calm and It’s a Pool Party

7 Pool Party Rules Someone has started a mommy group in my community which meets at the pool and I think is super cool and yet I feel odd since my kids are in school now. So basically I just get to hang out and reminisce about the days when my time at the pool … Continue reading Keep Calm and It’s a Pool Party