E-mail: powertoprevail@gmail.com

This area feels sort of empty so let me also share a few random facts about myself:

  1. I have a very large and slightly overboard Hello Kitty Collection.
  2. Both of my parents are pilots so travelling is a way of life. I’m only 2 continents away from them all.Hello-Kitty-69
  3. I have never done karaoke and it’s definitely on my bucket list.
  4. I have a cat named Obi-Want Catnobi because my fiance is a giant Star Wars fan so he doesn’t really bother me about the whole Hello Kitty thing.
  5.  I have always wanted to learn to play an instrument.
  6. We’re planning a whole trip to Costa Rica just so I can see a sloth.
  7. I can’t stand olives but make myself try them every single chance I get.
  8. I have no idea what I’m doing but I decided to volunteer to be my son’s flag football team coach.
  9. I was once featured in a series of YouTube videos for my previous employer. Bonus for you if you can actually find them!
  10. I don’t like uneven lists so I have to write something for ten to make me feel better.