Yes, actually.

Caution: The following post contains images that some viewers might find highly offensive. Unflitered family vacation photos. I am exhausted. The family just spent the last 4 days in Corpus Christi for our very first family vacation!! It's been a minute so let me catch you up on the latest. We had a baby 3 … Continue reading Yes, actually.


Sexiness isn’t about flawlessness

This journey has allowed me to explore various topics that have been largely driven by you. Yes, you. The wonderful people who make up this community. What I have learned from you is that there is a STRONG desire to have intimate conversations but you don't quite know how to. There's so much shame that … Continue reading Sexiness isn’t about flawlessness

Stretch marks, scars, sex, and substance

I can't know the number but I do know that someone out there is struggling with their intimate life. Specifically a new mom who can't for a second actually believe that she can ever have a happy sex life again. Hopefully she finds and reads these comments from women from all over the world who know EXACTLY what she's going through. 

Dear New Pregnant Me From Old Pregnant Me

Dear Ana, Congratulations! It's been 10 years but you've decided to go down this road again. Please let me be the first to remind you of a few things: No one else gets to do what you do so do what you need to do for yourself. Everyone's journey is so vastly different that even … Continue reading Dear New Pregnant Me From Old Pregnant Me

Happy 2 Year Anniversary: Lessons Learned

Welp. I couldn't think of a more motivating reason to write a blog post after almost a month. This happened earlier this month:   BAM! All of my goals and fear met at one time! Also, I can't believe Eminem's daughter is now in college... Where does the time go? When I began this journey … Continue reading Happy 2 Year Anniversary: Lessons Learned