Dear New Pregnant Me From Old Pregnant Me

Dear Ana, Congratulations! It's been 10 years but you've decided to go down this road again. Please let me be the first to remind you of a few things: No one else gets to do what you do so do what you need to do for yourself. Everyone's journey is so vastly different that even … Continue reading Dear New Pregnant Me From Old Pregnant Me


The Story of this Family Portrait

Here were are. Doing our own thing. Loving, laughing, crying, joking, eye rolling, exploring, learning, and everything else that falls in between these one second snapshots we call a family portrait.

Why You Should Do Stuff Solo/Dressed Like A Unicorn

We forget that we are authentic people. Each one of us made to contribute and experience this world in different ways. One way not being better or more important than the other. Just uniquely. By being your own authentic self you can inspire others. Not necessarily to buy a unicorn costume and go to a morning dance party but to do something that makes their spirit feel alive.


Keep Calm and It’s a Pool Party

7 Pool Party Rules Someone has started a mommy group in my community which meets at the pool and I think is super cool and yet I feel odd since my kids are in school now. So basically I just get to hang out and reminisce about the days when my time at the pool … Continue reading Keep Calm and It’s a Pool Party


Dating Post Divorce and Postpartum

I know now that I wasn't ready to find love because I didn't know love until I showed it to myself.


3 Step Guide to Running Topless

After running with my biggest fears on display I have survived. Now it's your turn!


There is no starting over. Again.

This journey we're on is lifelong and we only get one so it's not possible to start over.