A Morning With My Alter Ego

Was I really ready to wiggle and jiggle up close? Was I ready to bust a move and watch as my loose skin moved around with it? In my home I feel safe. Being surrounded by people who know me makes me feel safe. In a room with strangers? Not so much.

The Unexpected Cosplay Body Love Lesson I Learned at Comicpalooza

As I browsed through the many, many, many options lectures, Q&A, and meet & greets it was the CosAbility: Cosplay for those with Disabilities that caught my eye. It was a phenomenal and uplifting presentation I wish more people could experience.

How to love your tummy in 5 easy steps: Step 4

Appreciate It! There's nothing that brings me more joy than rediscovering the tiny things that I often take for granted. I do this the most in the moments when I feel I have nothing going for me or when I am filled with doubt. I get caught up thinking I wished I looked another way … Continue reading How to love your tummy in 5 easy steps: Step 4