3 Lessons I Learned While Running Topless

Before you call me brave and an inspiration I will remind you of my human-ness. I just spent the last 2 days  laying in bed completely overcome by a terrible head cold. I let my kids play video games, watch tv, and play outside all day. Normally I'm engaging with them and with a 5K … Continue reading 3 Lessons I Learned While Running Topless

Run Topless With Me

For years I ran races, completed triathlons, and pushed myself to challenge my body. My body did beautifully. I never failed me or crumpled under all of the pressure I put it under. It has been my trusty and loyal companion and yet I was ashamed of it. I believed that only perfect and flawless … Continue reading Run Topless With Me

My Failure Plan

It was Disney Princess Marathon or bust! The very first time ever decided to run I managed about 3 minutes then wanted to throw up. That didn’t seem like a very good sign. According to my Disney Princess Marathon guide I was still supposed to go another 17 minutes. I walked for about 10 then … Continue reading My Failure Plan

They’re going to judge you anyway…

Judgment. Everyone does it which means everyone is subject to it. This was a paralyzing fear I had/have. When I was much younger I would do whatever made me happy and was fun. I was also 10. Then I got to middle school. Maybe I never got the memo that I was supposed to categorize … Continue reading They’re going to judge you anyway…

My struggle to find self-love and self-worth

Why is it that I am deserving of unconditional love? As I dig deeper into my thoughts, I have hit a personal struggle. You see, when I started this blog I had a job. I was a human resource director for a mid-sized company before moving to my new state. I was single mom and basically … Continue reading My struggle to find self-love and self-worth