A Deviant Look At Self Love

I am not a bystander, I am the conductor. I will take these stretch marks, scars, loose skin, blemishes, freckles, and continue to go on adventure after adventure. Filling my heart full of joy and my head full of memories. That's what I choose.

Fall In Love With The Unlovable

Those honest answers have allowed me to love myself completely. They have opened my heart to the idea that I am also mesmerizing, that I have had seasons, that I will continue to have season but more importantly that I have weathered many storms and have only continued to grow.

Battling Body Shaming

Two weeks ago I went to the water park with my kids to celebrate the final days of summer. As usual, I took a picture and posted it up on my Instagram. When the day was done and I checked my account I was greeted with these comments... So lovely right? From women none the … Continue reading Battling Body Shaming

Keep Calm and It’s a Pool Party

7 Pool Party Rules Someone has started a mommy group in my community which meets at the pool and I think is super cool and yet I feel odd since my kids are in school now. So basically I just get to hang out and reminisce about the days when my time at the pool … Continue reading Keep Calm and It’s a Pool Party

Stop and Stare

I know we have been taught that staring is rude and should be avoided at all cost but I am willing to make an argument for this cause. I am a starer. I am fascinated by many things. I have always been that way. If I ever meet you, I will talk to you and I … Continue reading Stop and Stare

My Biggest Act of Rebellious Self Love To Date

Healthy bodies come in all shapes, textures, and sizes. My body just never matched anyone else so I felt I didn't belong so I created PowerToPrevail and now I'm taking it another step further.

Positive Body Bravery Confession

I have anxiety. A lot of it and it doesn't come in small waves, it crashes over me all at once. I am happy to say it only happens every so often but when it does I have to summon all of my inner strength. Adding the YouTube Channel has been a logical step for … Continue reading Positive Body Bravery Confession

How to Live With Your Tummy in 5 Easy Steps: Part 4

Let's start with a fun exercise I like to call: Challenge Your Perception Look at this picture: I took a picture of this while strolling through a botanical garden.What are some of the words that popped into your head as soon as you saw it?? Here's what I thought: THIS IS THE MORE GORGEOUS FLOWER I HAVE … Continue reading How to Live With Your Tummy in 5 Easy Steps: Part 4

How to Live With Your Tummy in 5 Easy Steps – Part 1

Side note: Before I get started I have to say that life has been pretty incredible since the move a month ago. I have been enjoying my unlimited time with the kids and the experience of being a stay at home mom, even if it's temporary, has been amazing. Exhausting but amazing. Really exhausting. Really. So, … Continue reading How to Live With Your Tummy in 5 Easy Steps – Part 1